Hollow Sections

Structural Hollow Section

Field of Application:

General construction, light and heavy duty machinery,
scaffolding, pilling, fencing, furniture

Production Standards:
EN 10219 Part 1&2
EN 10305 Part 5
DIN 2395, DIN 1615 / 2458
DIN 17120, DIN 59411
BS 6363, BS 6323, BS 1139
ASTM A 500, ASTM A 513, ASTM A 252
IS 1458

Steel Grades:
S235 / S275 / S355 acc to EN10025
E195 / E235 / E275 / E355 acc to EN10027-1
St 37.2 / St 44.2 / St 52.3 acc to DIN17100
Gr A / Gr B / Gr C acc to ASTM A 500

Dimensions for Square & Rectangular Hollow Section:
10 x 10 mm – 300 x 300 mm
10 x 20 mm – 500 x 300 mm
3/4” x 3/4” – 16” – 16”

Diameter for Circular Hollow Section:
Ø10.0 mm – Ø406.4 mm (3/8” – 16”)

Wall Thickness:
0.6 mm – 14.0 mm

6 – 12 meters (unless otherwise specified)


Summary of our business

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GMETAL, established in 2006, creates a bridge between the suppliers located in the countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Ukraine,
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